Pirate Card Game Gold n’ Grog

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The family friendly pirate card game for ages 10 and up!

You and your fellow pirates have just arrived on the island. Abundant treasure is buried here. Find as much treasure as you possibly can, but beware – sharks and skeletons await the unwary! Who can stash the most treasure before the island is completely plundered?

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Pirate Card Game

Gold n’ Grog is a pirate card game with press your luck gameplay for 2 to 6 players played in about 20 minutes. During your turn you will draw cards from the center draw pile up to a total of 5 cards. You can choose to stop at any point and collect your loot. But BEWARE – Sharks and Skeletons await the unwary! If you draw one of these enemies and find yourself without a Cutlass, you lose your draw and your turn is over! Along the way, you will find Action Cards! Use them to boost your draw or to hinder your opponents!

The game ends when all the cards at the center of the table are gone! The pirate with the most loot wins. Be on the lookout for the legendary Golden Grog! There’s only one, and it’s the most valuable of all the treasures.


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5 reviews for Pirate Card Game Gold n’ Grog

  1. Stephanie

    We bought Gold n’ Grog a couple weeks ago and my kids have not stopped playing it! As in the game has been played at least 3 times every day for the last 2 weeks. The game is simple enough to be explained in 5 minutes but each round of the game has been different due to the cards all being random. We’ve taught it to a bunch of neighbor kids that have come to play and they’ve all wanted to play it again. And the neighbor kids don’t come from gaming families and usually come over to play a video game, which I think shows how great this game is! The kid in Pre-K was able to play by himself by the end of the first game and yet the group of adults I played with all had fun playing multiple rounds as well. This game has been so much fun for all us!

  2. Erik Graves

    This game is so simple and SO FUN! Great quick game that all ages can play and the messy draw pile system keeps the game fresh and fun each round. Can’t recommend this game enough and for $20, buy two and give one to a friend.

  3. Garret G

    A push your luck game with trade mechanics too?! Yes please! My wife and I love to host game nights every week and this game finds the table every time! Friends and family that we have played it with love it as well. Also, for those that don’t enjoy shuffling cards, this game is perfect because you can mix it on the table and leave it in a messy pile to draw from. No shuffling! This game is seriously so much fun!

  4. Dani

    We love this game! Every time we have played it with friends, they end up asking us where to buy it because they love it so much too. Really quick and easy to understand, as well as really fun to play in groups. Love it.

  5. Sam Johnson

    Love it!!!!! My kids are playing Gold n’ Grog almost every day. It’s so simple that my little ones are playing without too much help. It is fast, fun and very entertaining. A great game to introduce and encourage kids to play card/board games. This is now a family favorite!

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