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The family friendly pirate card game for ages 10 and up!
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Pirate Card Game

Gold n’ Grog is a pirate card game with press your luck gameplay for 2 to 6 players played in about 20 minutes. During your turn you will draw cards from the center draw pile up to a total of 5 cards. You can choose to stop at any point and collect your loot. But BEWARE – Sharks and Skeletons await the unwary! If you draw one of these enemies and find yourself without a Cutlass, you lose your draw and your turn is over! Along the way, you will find Action Cards! Use them to boost your draw or to hinder your opponents!

The game ends when all the cards at the center of the table are gone! The pirate with the most loot wins. Be on the lookout for the legendary Golden Grog! There’s only one, and it’s the most valuable of all the treasures.


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